Upcoming season of Sox

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This has nothing to do with the baseball season. I am now converted. I am bowing down before the altar of sock knitting. Not only did I purchase the Black Bunny fiber sock yarn that has been sitting in my Loopy Ewe shopping cart for the past three months, I am enjoying knitting socks. How can this be you ask? It all started before Christmas when Bree, my co worker at Nina, suggested we knit our lovable Mary Rose a pair of socks for an impending birthday. We picked a pattern, some yarn and each knit one of a pair. Though we did not have them done in time for the birthday, she loved them nonetheless. I loved knitting them. Whether it was just the pattern or the yarn or the fact I could walk and knit at the same time... who knows. Then I bought the squid socks pattern. I am currently half way through the first one. Now I have a new philosophical slant on knitting socks. Although I like patterns and enjoy working from them, socks for me might be different. I subscribe to the Shaker way of socks. Perfection in simplicity. I can buy the the craziest of sock yarn and make them super simple yet still beautiful. And why shouldn't something so functional not reflect beauty? I can get behind this. I was resistant before. I couldn't understand why you would knit something like this. But like most things it just takes the right moment in time to change your mind. Converted I am.

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