SideShow Knits Mission Statement

I'm giving myself a chance to define my terms I guess. Plus I have a logo and I want to brand the heck out of this... I kid, I kid. At the beginning of the year I had the harebrained idea to sell my knitting. I knit kinda weird. This won't make much sense to nonknitters but bare with me. Somehow in the process I started wrapping the yarn clockwise around my needle instead of anti clockwise to make a knit stich. But I purl normalwise. So my knit stiches are twisted instead of the purl (which I assume is the stich most people twist). It creates a patterned effect on flat fabric and when I knit in the round it makes my knitting sprial like a ham on Easter. I wish I had something unfelted to show off this effect. The woman who runs my Local Yarn Shop, LYS for future reference, says I'm a freak... I don't disagree. This leads back into the whole SideShow thing and selling off my goods. I like knitting... alot... I take it with practically everywhere even if I know I have no chacne of sitting and working at it. What if I have five minutes and can work a couple stitches... it's a couple stitches I didn't have done before. I started making felted cloche hats (flapper hats basically, though they looked a little elfish). Those weren't quite what people were looking for so then I started arm warmers. Those went like mad. It's bottomed out now and I can start planning designs and things for this coming winter. I want to work the little fairs and things that seem to have sprouted up around Wicker Park. And that's the orgin of SideShow Knits.... Little freakish creations of the knitting world (because I like monsters and dinosaurs and Totoro) that make people smile when they wear 'em.

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