My new jobs

After I closed Caffeine Theatre's latest show, The Cocktail Party, I thought I'd take the summer off to reevaluate my goals and plan my next big "career move". After the last summer spent in dark theaters : not being able to go out... trying to survive on theater work alone... I learned a very valuable lesson, Chicago is not the place for summer theater, despite the miracle of air conditioning. I met some great people though, people who I am still friends with (that was the plus side). Honestly, who wants to sit in a building when there are outdoor cafes, street fests, live music, and midnight bicycle rides? Who can resist? I figured The Cocktail Party would be the last show of the season. For once I had nothing planned afterwords but working my three other jobs. I was looking forward to the forced break as well: one, to focus on a cache of cash and two, not running myself ragged. But as fate would have it, it wasn't to be. I checked my email. A fellow knitter and good friend Maren sent me an email. Tuta was searching for a stage manager. I agreed to accept a call and hear more about the job. At this point I had a choice to hit the escape button. But, the opportunity was just too good. Tuta is a fantastic company, one I wanted to work with for awhile. So besides starting work at Starbucks' in two hours time... waitressing at the Vic periodically and working the oddball day at the knitting shop I have a full plate once again. Sometimes I don't think I'm happy unless thirty bizillion things are happening at once. It keeps me from going crazy thinking about my art. And besides when you come so "highly recommended" who can turn a compliment down?

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