And it's complete!

They are both done. Two totoros. Knitted in the round using jewel blue malabrigo and berrocco softy for the belly. I didn't add claws to the second one for some reason. I knitted him a little bigger but I'm not convinced about his head size. It's a little too pear shaped, not oval enough. Even so I am proud of the way they turned out. Lately I have taken a break from arm warmers and dug into the plush side of knitting. First was a duck from an RYC pattern. Then came the penguin from Knitty. And now Totoro. For those of you out there who don't know who Totoro is, get yourself some Miyazaki stat. His anime is too beautiful to be described and the characters are so memorable you'll want to knit them and keep them around all the time. In that vein maybe I'll do cat bus next.

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