June in a nutshell

Team Boice made their way down to Warrensburg, Missouri for a little spot of R&R in the middle of June. Incapable of taking a straight shot, we meandered through small towns on tiny highways crossing the Mississippi River at Hannibal on the way there and another small town on the way out. Hannibal can boast of being the birth place of author Mark Twain and the town itself is filled with reminders in the form of the cutest downtown you ever did see, plaques and markers everywhere and naming everything after characters from Tom Sawyer. 

Ginevra posed near the river and the jail where 'Injun' Joe was held after being arrested. One day while we were visiting, Ben drove me around Kansas City proper visiting yarn stores, but not before I got myself countrified with an awesome straw cowboy hat. Then is was off to The Studio where I got a bright green skein of locally dyed Fountainhead Fiber. We had a lovely Mediterrian lunch at Jerusalem Cafe which was conveniently located by Bon Bon Atelier. I picked some new Folded Pigs bowls and a skein of Pidgeonroof Studios MCN. When we got back Faith had been playing fetch with Stella for several hours and she had subsequently taken over my nephew, Kody's, kiddie pool. Then our lovely new camera decided that the SD card in it needed to be reformatted so the only pictures we have of this lovely vacation reside on our sad iphone 3GS. And really just mine, since Ben left his on the trunk of the car as we drove out of town. His brother found it (a miracle) and returned it with a few more scratches and dings but in working order. We have now replaced both phones with iphone 4S (and Siri, WOOT!). On our way out of the state we also managed to stop at one last yarn store, Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe for some last minute yarn crawling before returning to our lives. 

My other trip was The National Needlearts Association (TNNA) out in Columbus, Ohio. Three of us this year piled into the rental car and drove the same languorous route we took last year (though none of my doing this time), out to the shiny city of Columbus. 

There we witnessed the cluster-fuck known as Com Fest, I got tattooed by an awesome artist at Sweet Baby Octane, and ate as much Jeni's ice cream as the law would allow, oh and worked as well. At the small awesome bar across from my hotel I found a local gin, Watershed, that is absolutely delicious. I brought a bottle of it home with me for good measure.

The show was good and we peeled out of town, the car fairly bursting with yarn. I picked up some lovely skeins of Anzula Cloud and Sebastian and some new needles from Knitter's Pride and Hiya Hiya as well. It was a very busy month and July doesn't show any signs of slowing down! Onward and upward oh noble followers of Sideshow Art!


Theresa said...

Sounds lovely. I haven't been to any of those cities. You're certainly getting to know the Midwest in a way I never did!

Sam said...

Fair is fair, I suppose. You know the world in a way I never will. Loved the postcard from Australia by the way, made my day!