17 Projects and a Pig Roast

I think my collection of WIPs has out-grown their britches. Every time I walk in my studio and want to start something new I am shamed by the mountain of project bags that contain things all ready in progress. For numerous reasons these projects have been cast aside, most likely because something shiner has come along to occupy my knitting time. But now I have a new goal. My friend Molly has pimped out her buddy Greg. He is digging a hole to roast a pig, probably not just for me, but a girl can pretend and strive to finish her 17 projects and two presents, one for each of Greg's children.

A few have already been accomplished. The first to go was my Daybreak shawl. I still want to make it, with the same yarn I started with, but my edging was too tight and needed to be redone. It had only been on the needles since February of this year and barely was started. Easy decision. Frogged in May.

The next off the needles was my color affection. I set this down in lieu of another shinier project. Once I started knitting on this again, despite the large number of stitches, it melted off the needles and I found myself blocking it and picking out colors for my next one. Which I will not start until A few more things go, I promise.

In between I finished a Captain Malcom Reynolds monster, a striped Wool Dispensary monster, a Zizzou whale, and got the Motley Crew T-Rex off my needles.

Now, I am working on finishing the Momo sweater I started during Malabrigo March. I manged to get to the part where I take off the sleeves and start the long descent down the torso. Damn adults like me for having 13 inches between armpit and waist. Now it is nearing the bottom and I can begin to contemplate sleeve length. I only have 4 other sweaters, a double knit bag, two scarves, a pair of mittens, a color work hat and a set of monsters left on the needles. How long could this possibly take?

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