The Wild Rumpus

On the hallowed weekend of dead president's I host an annual tea party. This year besides the obvious theme of president's the meta theme was Wild Rumpus. Because really, who doesn't want to build a fort?

The past few years I have tried to do play Martha Stewart and do everything myself. Only recently have I realized that pre-baking was necessary and that a helpful staff of kitchen otters was essential. Kate came over the eve before and helped bake and frost. 

Lisa was deemed 'an over achiever' as she showed up the morning of with breakfast bagels and her man Kirk who helped make festive flounces and aided in the fort building. 

Kate and Lisa were put to sandwich making duty and played around with the dinosaur crust cutter. Beware the salmon and cream cheese dinosaur tea sandwich!

I put on my most festive party outfit and proceeded to prepare the table before the guests arrived.

There were four types of cookies: peppermint melt-a-ways (they were red, white and blue), pumpkin whoopee pies with maple cream, jam filled spice cookies, matcha sugar cookies with lemon zest. Brie with crackers and cranberry bread, bacon wrapped dates, homemade garlicky hummus, dinosaur sandwiches in cucumber & dill, peanut butter & jelly, salmon & cream cheese, and the piece de resistance- La Brea Tar Pit dirt & worm & dinosaur trifle complete with homemade chocolate pudding.

It was then that the rumpus commenced.

Max showed up to get the party started, Stella got lots of belly rubs, Gryphon sat in plenty of laps, legos were built and destroyed, piggies were kissed and sugar highs were had. Molly's husband Jeff and Lisa's beau Kirk learned what a yarn stash could look like (they took a peek inside the studio of doom). There was knitting and frivolity. Everyone left happy. 

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