I just love yarn

Most people around New Year's make resolutions regarding their weight and getting healthier. Knitters make yarn resolutions. The most oft used phrase is 'destash'. Last year I didn't post about any yarn resolutions until May. I started the sack project and the pachyderm project. Neither of which reached completion because other shinier, newer projects popped up. I managed to get through a few of the sacks but not nearly as many as I thought I would achieve despite the amount I knit. With some online knitting buddies we were doing an informal destash. Each of us had different goals. My goals last year taken directly from posts on ravelry.com were:

  • I will work mainly from stash.
95 projects were worked from stash yarn with 5 in hibernation (on needles not being worked on), 5 frogged, and 5 more still being knit. For a total of 110 projects started from stash. All told I knit about 30,000 yards of yarn from my stash in 2011. However when I did the math.... or rather let excel do the math for me, I managed to gain 30,000 more yards than I had previously. Calculated out means that I restashed about 60,000 yards of yarn.
  • I will clear out at least one bin
HA! My bins are all still stuffed full.  Fail.
  • Knit fingering weight so it fits in one bin
All my fingering weight is now in three bins. Instead of condensing, it spread out.
  • For every new project I start I will finish one UFO 
While this was a big one to achieve I managed to finish a lace weight shawl and a pair of socks both of which had been on the needles for two years.
  • Knit my sweater quantities
5 of my 95 stash yarn projects were sweaters. Not too shabby.

  • There was also a finish it or frog it by the end of 2011
I frogged a few but the big ones are still remaining.

This year, the year of 2012 is the year of acceptance. Four days in and I have already bought a new sweater's quantity worth because nothing in my stash cut it. And that's okay. I came to the realization that I just love yarn. I love the textures and colors and feel and smell. If this happens to be my addiction I could do a lot worse. So this year there will be no resolutions regarding yarn. If I knit from my stash, YEAH! If not, well it's not like yarn goes rotten.  There are a few things I like to accomplish:

  • Finish the two pairs of color work socks on my needles currently
  • Knit two sweaters from the quantities I have
  • Finish the sack project
We will see what this year brings but I'm not sweating it, because really it's just yarn. And I love yarn.

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Molly said...

2012 goal: Finish my pair of garden gate socks. Of course I might have to frog what I have and restart them on bigger needles....