All the good intentions

365 days have gone past and we have arrived at 2012. Hopefully the Mayans have it wrong and we will make it to 2013. I'd like that. The holidays have passed by in a wave of knitting, friends, parties, family, more parties and presents (both given and received). I had a lovely time this year making things (some that were too small) and wrapping things and seeing the looks on faces as packages were opened. First there was handmade holiday with my Chicago friends that are basically family, then there was fake Christmas with the brother and sister-in-law and nephew and dad. Next was Christmas Eve with my extended family and Christmas Day with husband and Christmas Day dinner with my aunt, uncle, their awesome children aka my cousins and my dad. I sent a big box down to Missouri to my mother-in-law's home so that everyone could open their presents. They called me on December 27th (the day they were celebrating Christmas) and I got to hear all the merriment and celebrate a little with them as well. 

That's my MIL Annie winding up the yarn I gave her
Then New Years Eve came along and I turned into the Grinch. I dislike all the hooha on NYE, I don't like the ball drop and I don't like going out. (I do however like the TV show marathons that ensue) Also on the list of is a dislike New Year's resolutions. It is just setting oneself up for failure. So I don't make them. An online friend gave the idea of adopting a mantra for the year and I rather like that. Her 2011 mantra was "Assume Positive Intent". Instead of seeing the bad, look for the good and realize life and everyone in it isn't out to get you and maybe the girl behind the counter at the coffee is having a bad day too and maybe didn't mean to be snarky. Another one from an online friend is "Quack." Like a duck, let it roll of your feathers. This is one I shall be adopting henceforth for all time, not just a year. 

But for 2012 the theme shall be "The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything." However I did forget this rather quickly as I got peeved the day after New Year's at all the things piled on my plate and I kicked a rather thick door in frustration earning myself a very bruised toe and ankle and spilling my coffee in the process. Boo. 363 days to keep trying. Nice thing about mantras, they can't be broken. Unlike toes. 

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