Random Weather Generator & Elephant Update

This spring has been one random day of weather after another. This is not a complaint about our wet and wild season, but there are days where I would like to wear one outfit and call it a day. The day before yesterday I did not shave my legs thinking it would be chilly, turned out to be 75 and humid. Yesterday I shaved my legs and it was 56, with an arctic wind. I ended up in a knit sweater, long sleeves, fingerless gloves and a knit hat. Today started with thunder and torrential downpour for most of the morning. Now it's sunny with a light breeze, and a bit of humidity. After it stopped pouring Stella (my Blue Heeler) and I went to the local Green Grocer for today's rations. I love the colors after it rains, the puddles, the weird shininess buildings get. And I love my little cow dog against the bright green grass.

 It was hard to focus on any one thing today. I want to start about eight new projects. I should continue to get things off the needles seeing as there are 14 more days til TNNA. I am on the fourth repeat of six on my Cold Mountain shawl; I started an Effortless Cardigan and I've taken off for sleeves which leaves about 17 inches of body left and I've put some fingerless gloves on size 1 needles, frogged them and casted on another pair. In the world of elephants, I finished the Flo who I've rechristened Hef-a-lump. The Elijah in madelinetosh DK is done except for embroidering on the eyes and I've casted on Pepto and done all of 5 rows.

I liked working the Flo pattern. It turned out the cutest rotund elephant. Two sides, a belly and some ears. I thought I would hate the seaming but found it not so bad. The only thing that made me a little pissy was that each edge was a bit different and I had to adjust my stitch depending. When I first started knitting I wasn't sure where it was starting or where it was heading. It soon became evident. I am going to make another in the very near future, and hopefully have it sent to Joplin, MO. I feel it could bring a smile to a child's face.


Theresa said...

Loving the updates! But for a non-knitter like myself, could you please explain:
~Joplin, MO


Keep it up!

Sam said...

TNNA is The National Needlearts Association and has trade shows a couple times a year. The big one is in June in Columbus Ohio. I get to go as a retailer this year! Joplin is a town in Missouri that got devastated by a tornado this past week.

Theresa said...

The instant I posted I wasn't sure what Joplin was, I read an article about the tornado. D'oh! It looks horrible, and is all over the news here in Oz.

That's awesome you get to go as a retailer! Very, very cool. Gonna be great.