Finished or Frogged 2011

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution: To finish or frog all WIPs on the needles. One, because I wanted my needles back. Two, I wanted a clean slate. I also instituted a mystery sack project. One night I sat down with a stack of brown paper lunch sacks on one side, patterns and yarn on the other. I put a pattern and the corrosponding yarn into a sack and had my husband seal each with a sticker. There are 28 sacks.
My rules run like this; pick a sack, finish the project, pick another sack. I can work on infinite projects inbetween but can not pick another sack until I finish the designated sack project. I have made my way through a pair of lovely Francie socks, a smallish Last Frost hat, and a Daybreak shawl. Unfortunately the last thing to come out of the sacks was a pair of color work socks. The yarn, Dream in Color smooshy has been wound up since December 2008. So far I have not cast these on yet. I might be scared to. However if I can conquer these socks, I can conquer this bag project. The point of which was to knit all the projects in them within 2011.
The finish or frog resolution has been far more successful. While I still have 14 projects on the needles, 8 of those being in hibernation, 3 being so close to done I can taste it. 2 of the three are toys and the other is a Boneyard Shawl, design by Westknits. Pulled out of hibernation a week ago it is knit in Swan's Island Fingering that I picked up at Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia. I am on the 12th section of 13, plus a garter edge. One good long knitting session and it should be complete.
In the frogged catagory was the Selene pullover I started in July 2010. Knit in Debbie Bliss Silk Alpaca the pattern and the yarn seemed destined to be together. Alas, the pattern foiled me. I am of the opinion when I pay for a pattern I am getting complete instruction. Not a do your own math adventure. So that got frogged today after I threw it across the room needles, ball of yarn and all, in frustration.

Another success I've had is my Cold Mountain Shawl. Normally not a lace knitter, when I was dying yarn at Lorna's Laces I messed up some Helen's Lace which then got overdyed. The color was so beautiful I bought a skein. When this pattern came along in Knitty I couldn't help myself. I cast on in June 2009. I made it through the first 5 repeats out of 6 then fell apart. I tried to pick it up in 2010 to no avail. I made it through half a repeat before stuffing it away again. Now I want to wear it. Now I want to wear it to TNNA. I want to finish it because I don't want to have to frog such beautiful lace. I picked it up again in mid April. I have reached the last chart of which I have compleated 2 repeats so far. My goal is to have it done by June 1st.


Breean E. Miller said...

Love the new blog design. What a great surprise to have that little guy pop onto the screen!

Molly said...

Speaking of which.... I bought yarn yesterday for the garden gate socks. Maybe we should have a KAL? Anyone else we can rope into these beautiful yet intimidating socks?

Kate said...

I LOVE the picture at the start!
Way to go on the bag-project, I did something like this with sock yarn because omg i have too much fingering weight!! I had to force an intervention on myself ;)

Good luck with your finish-or-frog! I can't see what else comes up! :D