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Wedding dress? check. Pick up September 20th
Veil? check. Pick up September 15th
Space? check. Last deposit sent in last week.
DJ? check? meeting with him September 16th
officiant? check.
invitations sent? check. Replies still coming in
flowers? meeting with our designer on Wednesday morning
Groom? check. He's excited.
However we still need to get an outfit for him and come up with our vows. And a timeline for this whole event. We still need to buy beer and wine (though a few cases of Newcastle were "donated" ). It's mainly just little things now and waiting. Though I won't have to wait very long. Just 31 days til the BIG day. So far there are 86 guests attending, and I guess that doesn't count my Dad and best man (who have yet to return their RSVP cards). Sigh, I'm being a little OCD about the RSVP list I suppose. I have it on the computer and on paper and still I feel I don't have an accurate count. And to boot instead of working on Hanami like I was supposed to this weekend, oh and Icarus too (I'd like Icarus done by the 20th and both Hanamis done by the 9th of October) I decided to start another project! A sweater, cause my brain can totally handle all this knitting and planning and planning and trying to get along with my mother and work and writing thank you cards and sometimes you just want your brain to turn off and stop thinking.
I got that chance a week or so ago. Ben and I took our engagement photos. http://www.olivialeighweddings.com/blog/ if you want to see some amazing shots. We walked all around the Pilsen neighborhood and then took the blue line up to Margie's Ice Cream. I was a little nervous about the camera at first... but Olivia said to act just like we were on a date and we did and the shoot was amazing and our wedding pictures are going to be AWESOME! I should take my dog out now. It's ten to seven and I have to get to work.


Laura said...

Yeah, those pics are GREAT!

shalloboi said...

lol...we wrote our vows the day before! :-)