My white whale

Chart 1
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Oh lace how I love you but right now you are a giant pain in my ass. Good God. Beside this post is a picture of the stole I started when I first started knitting lace. I put it down to knit a few other things and now I am working on 4 other lace projects that taunt me. Constantly. I have Icarus which is nearly done. I am on the last chart, row 5 (out of 23) then it's 4 rows of edging and a bind off. But the rows take me so long I can't bear to pick up. My conundrum is that I want it finished and blocked by September 20th, my final wedding dress fitting. I want to see the outfit all together. I have this itchy feeling that the shawl will not match color wise. Damn. Oh well. Then there are my two Hanamis. Why two you ask? I wanted to make a a beautiful one out of cashmere for my mother for the wedding. Something to make her feel special. I love the idea behind Hanami and I love the overall design so I am concurrently making two at the same time. That means 14 repeats of the basket weave chart which is starting to drive me batty. I am on repeat 6 on both so I can just make out the finish line of this chart. Sigh. I should be knitting right now. The fiance is still asleep and I have an hour or so to myself before life on the only day off takes control. To be fair Ben is so nice about my knitting. He has brought me yarn back from trips; he winds yarn up on his hands with me; and he tries hard not to bother me while knitting lace charts. So while I will not return to the paw print stole for awhile it will be beautiful when I finally do finish it.

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