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These songs were all pulled randomly from my ipod set on shuffle. Oh, the fun one has while slightly inebritated.

Opening credits: Give 'em the Old Razzle Dazzle, from the musical "Chicago"

Waking Up: Bucharest by Blood or Whiskey. I'm imaging my character rocking around the kitchen... in the shower... riding her bike...ya know normal mornin' stuff.

First day @ school: Egypte from Cirque Du Soleil's Live version of Mystere. This one I don't understand are we flshing back or what?

Falling in Love: Think Gobally, Fuck Locally by Gogol Bordello. Very apt, very punk... goes well with the first time

Fight Song: Kiss my Irish Ass by Dropkick Murphys. A very good bar fight song. I like stomping around to this.

Breaking up: Everloving by Moby. I think I did break up to this once... or at least the album it's on.

Prom: (god forbid) Momma's Boy by The Ramones. Need I explain?

Life: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe read by Douglas Adams. Yes, I have his entire collection on my ipod. It's funny and I'm a geek.

Mental Breakdown: ( I assume I get this by going to prom or having to deal with adult concepts) Through the Roof and Underground by Gogol Bordello.

Driving: Postcard by Yann Tiersen off the Amelie soundtrack. I guess it's a jaunt to the country. It's wonderfully romantic song. I guess I'm with my secret lover.

Flashback: Friends Forever by Puffy Ami Yumi. Oh how cute. I love this piece of Japanese pop punk.

Getting Back together: Wished for You by Squirrel Nut Zippers. Hopefully I'm not still mooning over my prom date. I hope this is someone new in my life. Lord knows there's enough to chose from.

Wedding: First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes. That's just eerie and rather comforting in a way.

Birth of Child: Knock on Wood by The Mighty Mighty BossStones. Do I really have to have kids. I'm not thinking about it now, I'll let Hollywood add it in if they think it's thematically necessary.

Final Battle: Gong by Sigur Ros. I'm only battling if it's for my soul, ot love. Right now I'd fight for love.

Death Scene: November Rain by G n' R baby! Oh yeah, now there's a death scene. I love Slash.

Funeral: The Last Dance by Ol' Blue Eyes Mr. Frank Sinatra. Gives me chils everytime I hear it.

End Credits: Y Control by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Like a call to my soul everytime I hear the opening rift.

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