The best birthday ever

The best dessert ever
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I am feeling like a very lucky girl. A very lucky, tired girl. In a few hours I will be making my way to LA where I will (as everyone has reassured me) have the time of my life. It's been a battle to get there. See the rotten tooth fairy entry but I am getting on that plane come hell or high water. Not only have I some of the most amazing people surrounding me and supporting me but also lavishing me with pre-birthday attention which I cannot get over. I had my traditional sushi dinner on Friday. Seven people were in attendence. Which has to be lucky since I am turning 7 years old. We got the window booth at the fabulous Usagi Ya and ate until we burst. The next night I was out with the yarn girls and we feasted on Italian food at Club Lucky and then had a wonderous dessert at Hot Chocolate. See the photo. It was a beautiful pear breadish pudding with tapioca and port wine sauce. To die for. Why am I not in pastry school? I can't figure it out. I went back the next night it was so good, I had to share the love. Now I am going to LA and I'll be in Disneyland with two freinds who are as goofy as I. I lead a very charmed life and I marvel each and every day at the wonderous people who I share it with.


Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!! Have fun in LA!! I hope things to well :) Can't wait to hear about it!

Anne said...

Hi - have you received your Sock Wars socks yet? I sent them about a week ago...