Sweet and Sleepy

Sweet and Sleepy
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Why haven't I posted jack since July... well besides meeting a very intriguing boy and going to music fests and trying to work as much as possible to get out to LA (to see afore-mentioned) for my birthday, my computer decided it was going to lose a very important file. Even after restoring the system I still have to reinstall software all over again and Obie (my go-to computer guy) has left on a week long bike ride. So access has been limited for sometime. I am actually at the library posting this. Most likely people have gotten so bored with this that they've given up on me completely. I promise to be more exciting... I promise more juicy gossip and I promise to finish up some knitting projects by the end of August. Plus my birthday is up coming and there is lots of preparation. Not only for a trip to Disney Land but also for a wondrous party to see me off. Plus I also have a show of my work going up in a local cafe. And I'll be sneak peeking my work on the blog up through late October. It's going to be a great couple of months!

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Theresa said...

Yay for birthdays and birthday parties!