The Unfinished Game

1a: the Game is sacrosanct
1b: the Game being sacrosanct, there are no favorites
1c: once chosen to play the Game, there is no opting out
1d: the Gamer's identity will remain secret;
until such time, they chose to reveal themselves
2a: there are 7 clues in 14 cards, leading to an
undisclosed location where the prize is to be found
2b: these 7 cluses will be revealed one at a time in random order
predetermined by the Gamer
3a: the Player is at leisure to discover what is to be discovered
Are You Game?
Keeping secrets is not one of my strong points. What muse possessed me to create a post card scavenger hunt? What spirit then adled my brain enough to think it was a good idea to send these off to a close friend? It did, however, keep me artistically occupied for sometime. Unfortunately due to World Cup Soccer and a fellow collaborator dropping the ball on the final prize I was unable to complete the Game. The Gamer is awful about follow through. I have ten completed 4x6 pieces of art (tweleve if you count the two as yet unfinished on my desk) and if you really want to be generous... 20 postcards all together, all done. When I was making them I did two. One to send, one to keep. Just in case one didn't get there (like the one not pictured above), or the Player threw them away... and so I could have a record. The ones I have are a little skewed as I kept the ones not quite perfect.

I can see an evolution, even from this short period of quick work. I produced nearly one a week, sometimes two and on rare occassion of insight and creative juice, three. It started off as a passionate turbulent game and grew more gentle, more sweet as the relationship between the Gamer and the Player developed. I would send them out on Mondays and see that they would arrive later in the week. Keeping a straight face when questioned directly was very difficult and I nearly lost it the first night he received one. True to my oath as Gamer I threw him off the scent and though there was a niggling suspiscion about me it was never confirmed until I was ready to admit to the game and how I had failed it.
Unfortunately collage work photographs woefully. I posted a few sides on my Shutterfly. I'll keep adding to the album as time passes. For now, try to picture what they might look like in person and maybe someday when I do manage to put a show together they will displayed with other relics of my artistic fervor.


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