One Dozen Projects and a Pig Roast

The Olympic Games are long over and the first Ravellenic Games have come to a close too. This was not my first time participating in the Ravelry-centric Olympic style event in the knitting world. I am a decorated ravalthete and needed to defend my medals from past years. Having been at it a few times, one would assume I know my limits. Not so. I started with the bar set high; a color work knee sock, a WIP to be wrestled and new toys to be cast on and completed all within the 14 days that the torch is lit. Last year Molly and I KALed the Garden Gate Socks from Knitty. We got about to the same place before Molly realized hers would not fit and I set mine down in pursuit of something shinier. This pattern and yarn had come from the long sitting, yet not abandoned sack project. But we all know I wasn't going to finish a pair of knee-high fuckin' socks. Who was I kidding? Those were pulled apart and I believe the yarn is now sitting in a project bag destined to be fingerless mitts. 

I wrestled the WIP (a series of tiny toys on the needles since Christmas 2011) with aplomb. I only needed my butt kicked into gear to pop those suckers off one by one in a three day period.

Also a lark, two stegosaurus' (plural stegosauri?) one in Spud & Chloe and one in Malabrigo.

For my final trick I finished a scarf, that hadn't been on the needles all that long it was just a big, tweedy, tube that seemed to go forever. I used yarn that I had squirreled away way back in 2008 and unfortunately had to buy a little more (from someone else's destash so I was helping!) to finish it up properly. I spent an episode of Downton Abbey kitchnering 100 stitches last night. Too bad it was 90 degrees and humid otherwise I would've worn it home. 

So with a dozen projects left on the needles (a few I've added since this whole thing began) I might get to see a pig roasted before the ground freezes over. 

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