16 Projects and a Pig Roast

Proud to announce I managed to get 3 more projects off my needles... then I cast on two more. First I finished my Momo sweater. 5 balls of malabrigo silky and a couple of months of knitting time (which really could have been ONE month, but hey other knitting projects got in the way) and BOOM! One lovely sweater that fits me pretty damn perfectly. I attribute that to Teri's amazing way of writing a pattern. Also I did a gauge swatch. That helps.

Once that was off the needles, I diligently worked on some other long languishing projects without anything really grabbing. I guess that is why I put them down in the first place. I also needed to cast on a shawl for my best friend's September civil union. It's a lacy shawl so I work on that one in the mornings when I am really fresh and save the miles of stockingnette for the evening-times. It's coming along well and am nearly done with the last chart before the edging. But no spoiler pictures until she sees it! In time between that I cast on a simple slouch hat with yarn from The Fibre Co. It's been in my stash since 2009 and I justified casting on because it was balanced by the relatively long time this yarn had been hanging around. It's the Gastropod Hat and is perfect for a 90 degree day; which was when we were taking pictures.

When I pulled out the WIP, a friend who knows about my challenge asked me, "And what the hell number is that?" And I mumbled something about it being the "nmtabgth" hat. So that is how it is known. An indeterminate number in a long line of indeterminates. After such a quick knit I needed another one and cast on a stripey stash-bustin' monster. He's almost done and will be much needed since The Wool Dispensary got accepted to the DIY Trunk Show!!!! I am so very excited about this being my second show and along with hand-dyed yarn will also be selling some of my hand-knit monsters based on Rebecca Danger's awesome designs. There will be a lot going on in the next few months, dying, designing, and knitting abound. 

And in case I had not showcased this sweater here before, my Warriston. It's quite a large sweater and I probably would not have run out of yarn if I had knit a smaller size. All said and done, there is enough room to layer underneath and it'll make a great cozy deep winter sweater. The yarn is from Imperial Stock Ranch and is a farm wool with a lot of character and spring. I had no problem buying the extra ball since now I have enough left over for an awesome hat, or maybe some fingerless gloves. 

I too cast on for the Stephen West Mystery KAL. I couldn't help myself. I had so much fun last time around and knit it up quick. Unfortunately this one is not as easy to get behind, maybe it's cause I picked up my alpaca sweater and am so close to finishing the body that I have finish-fever. That's what I call the desire that grips you to knit until your fingers are bloody when you are so close to an edge or the next part of the pattern, even if the item wouldn't be truly finished. So I finished some things and it would be 14 on the needles but then I cast on a few and like that (imagine finger snapping here) I am back to 16. One step closer to that pig roast.

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Theresa said...

I just started crocheting again after, jeez, about four years -- and it's super fun! Working on a scarf just to keep things simple. My ultimate goal: to make a granny square blanket.

As always, I admire all of your creations -- and hope to see them in person when I'm in Chi in Sept.!