FOs and WIPs Mash Up

Wanted to share a quick peek at what March had me cast on, cast off and put on the needles. I managed to cast on a lot to my needles in the past month and loose a few in the process (if you see a double pointed 5 or a double pointed 6 laying around, please send them home, I miss them). 

2 monkeys, 2 monsters, 2 hats, a bulky cowl that took all of 4 hours and 1 wonderfully warm red shawl flew through my fingers. How I don't have the start of arthritis, I'll never know.

A lone monkey, bits of a superhero fox, half of a zombie bunny and a quarter of a sweater remain to be finished sometime... maybe in April, maybe 3 years from now. One never does know. 

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