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The past week had me feeling like The Walking Dead. Incidentally I watched the full season one on Netflix while I was busy lying on my couch, coughing up a lung. In between coughing, sucking on ricola and watching zombies walk the earth I managed to finish The Dark & Stormy sweater I started in May. I added the stripes into it worrying that I would not have enough yarn and that I would end up with an entirely red collar. That, fortunately, did not happen. I had almost an entire ball left when all was said and done. The fit is wonderful, the color awesome and the buttons are from Soutache. Now if it just would get cold enough to wear it. 

Here in Chicago there has been a glut of Indian Summer. I don't mind terribly. But I am in the mood to wear long pants, take a break from shaving my legs every day and put a hat on while my hair decides to grow out. I look forward to the long dark teatime of the soul, aka winter, every year. It's a time to hibernate and prepare for the holidays. Namely President's Tea in February. It's time to bake tarts, and pies and cookies and quick breads. Stew stews, drink red wine and stout and make hot chocolate as I snuggle up with a good book. Of which I have many on my 'To Read' shelf. It's fairly bursting right now. I am currently hooked on the Game of Thrones series (along with half the population). Half way through Book Two and no end in sight. When you've got a taste for a certain type of story nothing else will sate your appetite. I have a taste for medieval war apparently. It's tasty and delicious and I have to find the third book before the second runs out. Or maybe there's something on my shelf that can be a good palette cleanser. An amuse bouche for the next course. In the words of the Stark House "Winter is coming." I am ready. Bring it.

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stefanie said...

Awesome sweater!