To market to market to buy a fat pig

This weekend began a summer of lon treks to various Farmer's Markets. Ben had a rare Sunday off and we decided to wake up early (well latter than we normally do) and go to the Logan Square Farmer's Market. We applied the thick lair of sunscreen our delicate pasty Irish skin requires (not to mention the tattoos, save the tattoos!!!) and bicycled off to the adjacent neighborhood.
I was riding my Christmas present, a lovely new dutch bike. It has paniers spefically for loading full of produce and veg. Although the skirt may have been a bad idea. Not just the wind currents made while riding were making the skirt blow every which way. It was quite gusty out that morning in the Windy City. I believe I flashed more than few innocent passersby.

One should never go into a grocery on an empty stomach. The same is even more true for the farmer's market. I could easily go down for a Spencer's banger sandwich and then where would I be? The logical choice then was to fortify ourselves at Longman and Eagle before marketing.
That's my Black Thorn cocktail. The most wonderous omelet filled with ramps, morels and cheese got gobbled before Ben could take a picture. Same with his one hour eggs benedict. Too good and gone too fast. Drunk on sunshine we wandered back across the square. It was 10 am by this point and very crowded. It's the still the beginning of the season so there was lots of aparagus, strawberries and greens. Garlic scapes are starting to appear and the mushroom guy was around. We stopped by Spencer's for a tasty package of back bacon and then it was off back to home, jiggity jig.

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